Raymond Wintz Print - "The Open Door

Raymond Wintz Print - "The Open Door"

This color print entitled "The Open Door" has a frameable image if 14" H x 18" W.

Raymond Wintz (1884-1956)

Raymond Wintz was a Paris-born painter and engraver whose most famous paintings were of marine and coastal views in Brittany . He is best known for his painting The Blue Door , which is still widely available as a poster and print.

Raymond Wintz was trained at the School of Decorative Arts and the National College of Fine Arts in Paris . He was a pupil of Jules Adler at the Ecole Francais and started exhibiting at the Salon des Artistes Francais in 1910.

Many of his typical themes and motifs: a partially-seen room with an open door to a balcony overlooking a harbour or coastal scene. A vase or plant-pot containing geraniums or hydrangeas were often featured. A similarly themed painting, The Open Door , (this print) was sold in the USA as a "Paint it Yourself Art Program" in the 1950s. The information accompanying this states that Wintz painted the scene following a trip to Brittany in 1924 and that it is based on the actual view from a friend’s villa.

Among the awards and distinctions he held were:

1911 – Membership of the Salon 1922 – Silver Medal, Salon 1924 – Officer of the Academy; Gold Medal and Corot Prize, Salon President of
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