RB .21 Limited Edition 1 plus Exhaust System

Part # RBCE01009S5BT

This is the New .21 Limited Edition 1. This 3,5cc buggy engine is a 5 ports with a bi-turbo crankshaft, lightened cooling head and turbo combustion chamber. This engine comes with RB homologated in-line pipe and compact manifold. Quantity limited to 300 pieces for the whole world.


high level racing engine 5 ports + 1 Exhaust System Turbo plug Bi-turbo 13mm crankshaft Nylon 8mm carburetor Dust protection caps for carburetor, exhaust, fuel intake and top of the crankshaft

Displacement : 3.49 cc
Bore : 16.42mm
Stroke : 16.42mm
Porting intake : 5
Porting exhaust : 1
Crankshaft : 13mm B-Turbo
Carburetor : Composite 8mm
Glowplug : turbo
Weight : 346g
Use : Buggy