RB Concept TM523 .23 TMaxx Monster Truck Eng. Conversio

Part # RBC01901523000T

RB Concept TM523
When RB released the TM323, Monster truck owners said: "It's a missile in a silver box!" They also said, "Do you think we can get even more speed and acceleration?"
Rody ROEM listened and inspired the R&D staff to develop the ultimate racing engine for your Monster truck.
Just like the TM323, this new engine displaces .23 cu in or 3.78cc. It has been designed to transform your REVO or T-MAXX into a real racing Monster. Its design features draw from the latest technological advancements found in top level RB competition engines.
The TM523 features an ultra-light and rigid crankase that maximizes the efficiency of the ABC 7 Port + 2 bypass sleeve. This engine employs the RB original, world famous M.E.S. (Multi exhaust system) to help it develop the maximum level of torque and acceleration. RB also incorporated the exclusive RB BI TURBO crankshaft to help push the limits even more. Also, the venturi of the 8.5mm aluminum carburetor has been polished to improve the gas flow.
The famous MONSTERS Orange Gold RB cooling head is engraved with the TM range logo to let others know that your truck means business.
For those who choose to lose the weight and rotating mass of the TRAXXAS Easy Start system, an optional rear cover is available to make your engine starter
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