RBR Mach 3 F6 Helmet IIIA

RBR Tactical Armor Protecting America RBR Mach III F6 Helmet, IIIA


Tested by certified NIJ testing lab standards withstanding multiple NIJ IIIA Ballistics Standard 4-point fully adjustable suspension system Helmet size is large 7 1/4 or larger Weight 2.8 lbs color black optional mil-spec padded suspension system

The RBR Mach III advanced combat helmet is based on the original special forces Mich design with a focus toward reduced coverage integrating larger muff-style communications. The Mach III was designed for military and police special tactical units w compatibility with all NV and communication systems is of critical importance along with wearer comfort. Helmets provide un-matched level IIIA protection and include the RBR 4-point suspension system secured with only four bolts to ensure maximum ballistic integrity, comfort and stability.

The RBR Mach III helmet is fitted with a fully adjustable padded head harness, attached via four fastener screws. The head harness includes leather covered front padding. nylon covered rear padding and leather comfort crown pad. RBR helmets are fully adjustable in the circumference as well as the wearing height.

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