RC Airplane Sig Aviastar .46 46 Glow 2 stroke Engine

Item Is: Aviastar .46 2-Stroke Glow Engine

Application : RC Model Airplane

Condition : Brand New factory Sealed Aviastar Product


Modern design combined with state of the art computer-driven machinery and superior metallurgy to create the finest 2 stroke model airplane engines.

Specifications Displacement .46 in 3 ( 7.53 cm 3 ) Bore .886 in ( 22.5 mm ) Stroke .756 in ( 19.2 mm ) Practical RPM 1 900 to 16 000 Weight
Ex. Muffler 13.4 oz ( 378 g ) Power 1.66 hp at 16 000 rpm Shaft Size M 7x1 Muffler included

Sig recommends 10% Nitromethane Glow Engine Fuel with castor blend. Power ratings listed were obtained

with FAI fuel (0% nitro) on a hot summer day with 85% relative humidity

The connecting rods use the same aluminum alloy as found in some full size aircraft engines. Crankshafts are one piece hardened Cr steel. A specially developed "KK" bronze alloy is used for the conrod bushing which allows it to withstand high RPMs. Cylinders are made of a special heat treated Cr steel alloy to insure a hard and true cylinder that will not distort at high temperatures. Piston rings (1.2 - 2.0 in 3 engines) are made of the same steel alloy as found in some racing motorcycles. The .46 in 3 is true ABC construction. All engines contain high quality dual
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