RC Logger Digital Pitch Gauge RCL-40001RC Upgrade for Align AP800 HET80001

This is a NEW Genuine RC Logger Digital Pitch Gauge RCL-40001RC
Great Upgrade for Align AP800 HET800012
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Condition: Brand New in Package
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Digital Pitch Gauge - No More Fuss & Bother When it Comes to Setting Up Your Rotor System!

RC Logger introduces an exceptionally easy to use pitch gauge with incredible accuracy - get ready to throw out your clunky mechanical pitch gauge as you enter the digital revolution with the RC Logger Digital Pitch Gauge!

This unit is a MUST HAVE when it comes to new flybarless technology, as with flybarless helicopters, there is no longer a flybar to be used as a reference point, leaving the mechanical pitch gauges at a very distinct disadvantage, not to mention a true pain to use.

Dial in your flybar or flybarless rotor system with extreme accuracy via the RC Logger Digital Pitch Gauge - simply install on the blade, power on, and the pitch gauge will take it from there!

With this digital pitch gauge, model helicopter rotor blades can be adjusted with a precision of 0.1°. No longer do you need to worry about time consuming setup, as this digital pitch gauge makes it fast, easy & simple - pick one up today!


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