As a collector, hobbyist, and, restorer of these great little record players I am offering from my smoke free home, this package which includes:

1. All of the components required to replace all of the fixed capacitors and fixed resistors In your SHF8 amplifier.

2. All of the resistors are bagged, and, labeled individually to match the schematic. The capacitors are listed individually with part numbers, values, and schematic designations.

3. A photocopy of the schematic for your record player.

Reasons to purchase your restoration items here:
1. We use 1 watt or higher, normal size, flame proof resistors, with tolerances of plus or minus 5% or better. Most of the resistors in the original amplifier were ¼ or ½ watt carbon composition resistors with a tolerance of plus or minus 10%. Our resistors will dissipate more heat so your amp will run cooler. Small size resistors for solid state devices will not withstand the voltages generated by vacuum tube devices.

2. We use tubular 630 volt metalized polypropylene and metalized polyester film capacitors with axial leads. metal-foil polypropylene, metalized polyester orange dips,and ceramic disc capacitors. These capacitors are advantageous because of their small size, high insulation resistance, current carrying capability, good capacitance stability,
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