RCA Type 77-D Polydirectional Ribbon Microphone (MI-4045-A) from WHN/WMGM in NYC

Here's your chance to own a true piece of broadcast history from MGM's station with the "Call Letters of the Stars." One wonders; who were the stars that actually spoke and/or performed music in front of this microphone?

This legendary RCA 77-D (MI-4045-A) Polydirectional Microphone was originally purchased as part of the brand new studio complex for New York City radio station WHN at 711 Fifth Avenue when it changed its call letters to WMGM on September 15, 1948. RCA supplied the broadcast equipment for that facility including a custom-built Master Control twelve rack system for the station's six studios. The Master Control photo shown here was from the 1950 edition of the RCA AM-FM-Television Broadcast Equipment Catalog .

This RCA-77D was in use during the WMGM days at 711 Fifth Ave and then it was moved to the new studios at 400 Park Avenue in 1958. The newer studios also had RCA vacuum tube equipment. That RCA gear was retired in 1977 when the studios were updated with McCurdy solid state consoles, Electro-Voice microphones and other newer tech supporting equipment.

It is interesting to note that the last time this microphone was serviced was on 3/29/1969 by Gordon F. Windham in Hammond, NY. Even more interesting is the fact that Gordon F. Windham was Chief Engineer of WHN in the 1930s!

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