RCA Victrola antique phonograph record player - working

What a find! An antique RCA Victrola phonograph record player with one record from 1921 and lots of spare needles. This vintage machine from the days before CDs still works, without electricity or batteries!! My husband got it working for a few seconds just to check it out, but it needs some TLC (tender loving cleaning). T is a handle crank (shown inside the cabinet) that fits under the turn table to wind up the mechanism, then you manually lower the needle onto the record.

I would say this item is in very good condition for its age, which is around 100 years old. The metal areas need some polishing as t are some rust spots but the wood cabinet looks very nice. The lid lifts up to store records and needles, etc. T is maroon/red felt covering the turn table (underneath the record shown). T are 3 spare packages of needles that still have cellophane wrapping and one that is opened. The record that is included is Vocalion 14558 Beside a Babbling Brook and Who's Sorry Now?by Irving Kaufman (tenor). T is one small pock-mark in it on the B side, a grain of sand could fit in. Otherwise, it looks great. T is the RCA logo with the "Nipper" dog that says "His Master's Voice" on the front of the cabinet.

Shipping is high as the brass horn may have to be shipped in a separate box and as you can imagine, the phonograph is heavy.
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