RDL (Radio Design Labs) devices, Extron preamp, PS-24a

are some Radio Design Labs stick-ons!

If you have never worked with RDL devices before, you have no idea how handy these devices are. If you have worked an AV install or service job with RDL, then you know they can be a life saver.

Each of the pieces was tested with either a DVM or an oscilloscope, and came out of a working sound system. The Extron amplifier is brand new and was double ordered for an install and never used. I stayed in my spare parts box until now. I have saved some of this surplus RDL items for use on my ham station, and they work wonderful.

RDL devices work from 12-24 volts DC, floating or referenced ground. Be sure to read the datasheet before installing! These devices are as-is, no returns, no warranties expressed or implied. Buyer pays shipping.

You can download the datasheets for these devices from for free!

Listed and offered as a lot are the following:

1 PS-24a power supply (wall wart)

2 ST-AMC3 active mic combiner

5 ST-PD5 power supply distributor

4 ST-MX3 line level mixer

1 STA-1 2 channel line level amplifier

1 STM-3 high gain pro mic preamp

1 ST-LCR1 logic controlled relay

1 STD-10k audio divider/combiner (passive)

3 ST-MPA2 phantom power adaptor

1 Extron 33-537-01 Active
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