REAL Bargain! Orig. US M1795 Bayonet, Harpers Ferry (?)

Auction Item is a US Model 1795 bayonet for a Charleville type musket, which is, I believe, for either a Harpers Ferry model or a contract musket made to similar specs. (That's what the experts tell me.) I know for a fact it fits around a 69 calibar barrel, because I tried it on my US Model 1842. (Bayonet lug on that gun is machined and placed a tad differently, but the socket fit fine.) This over-200-year-old time machine will link you to the era when George Washington was still alive and when our new country was not even 20 years old!!

It has US stamped on the neck of the piece between the muzzle end of the socket and the start of the blade. Triangular blade is flat, solid, and in good shape, made without a fuller "or blood groove", and the socket is set for a musket with the bayonet lug on the bottom of the musket barrel. (I am told these are all characteristics of the Harpers Ferry model. I don't own a Harper's Ferry.) T is also a character stamped clearly on the socket, but due to its configuration, I can't tell whether it's "C", a "G" or the lower part of the number "5". The very very tip of the blade (maybe 1/2 inch, if that much?) was broken off, but that was, it appears, a LONG while time ago, so t may be some history of a soldier using this to "dig in," or using it, stuck in the ground, as a candlestick for writing
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