REAL Black Label Society Vest BLS Zakk Wylde Red Monkey

Up for sale is my real-deal Black Label Society vest. This is nearly exactly the same vest that Zakk Wylde and the rest of the BLS band and crew wear. The vest is an authentic Red Monkey Designs vest, which is w Zakk gets them. These patches are NOT what you can buy through regular retail channels. I believe these patches to be authentic with the exception of the "worldwide" patch. I did not get these direct from Zakk but I searched long and hard for the correct patches and finally found the right ones that aren't cheap imitations. I bought the worldwide patch through regular retail channels because I'm from RI and an authentic RI chapter patch does not exist that I know of. The patches were sewn on by Red Monkey to the exact same standard that they sew the band and crew's vests. The vest alone was $350 plus almost another $75 to do the sewing plus shipping to me. The patches cost me another couple hundred dollars on top of that. The vest is a size large, which runs very big. I generally wear a 2XL and this vest still fits me pretty well. I'd say it would best fit someone of XL shirt size. I only wore this once, and have babied it. I'm the kind of person who is obsessed with authenticity and will go to any length to achieve that. I hate to see this go because of how much time and money I spent getting it right, but the holidays are ... read more