The Real GHOSTBUSTERS" NOW Comics 3 part Mini-Series "GHOSTBUSTERS II

GHOSTBUSTERS II starring "The Real Ghostbusters" 3 Comic Mini-Series from NOW Comics 1989
In conjunction with the release of GHOSTBUSTERS II , NOW Comics put their version of GB2 on the stands starring "The Real Ghostbusters" !In this 3 part mini-series their comic book characters fill the roles of the actors in the film. There is one variation that I would notice! Since I wasn't given credit in the film, Tony Caputo felt he'd give me my credit in the comic...a caricature of me was used as the "Slimed Restaurant Patron" in that scene (see additional photo/lower right corner). My cameo appearance in GB2 was a great honor and when Ivan Reitman's office requested a video of one of my licensed parties, that too was a thrill. To my surprise, they had the Ghostbusters doing birthday parties in the opening scene of the film, it was as if they were tipping their hat to me for my participation with the franchise.
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