Real Great White Shark Tooth! - Gr8 shape,100% side serrations - stored in safe

REAL GREAT WHITE SHARK TOOTH - Excellent Condition , Great Price HARD TO FIND & RARE Excellent shape & Condition as well as the serrations that run up & down both sides . ( The chain is included. It was never worn just displayed in a glass case. since I moved It has been stored away in my safe unexposed to sunlight. It has only been held a few times in 5 YEARS since I bought it on a vacation .If you know anything about Great Whites or even sharks u will be able to tell instantly that this is real, not a 10,000 yr old fossil, or cheap plastic replica. . Thank you & please look at my other personal items. This falls under my no return or refund item list- DVDs ,CDs, books, Posters, anything that can be switched out or copied & returned. (you have e bays buyers protection)