Real Human Skull  Clown Face  Creepy - Medical - Art

's another QUICKIE auction for one of the more bizarre items I've come across in quite some time.

This skull is for medical or research purposes only.

Up for sale is one authentic uncut human skull with a clown face dyed / painted on it...looks to be very old...also kinda' looks like it was just dug up. OMG...Talk about personality...this piece will really get the neighbors talking!! We're not talking pretty & bleached & cut folks...this is the real deal. Sixteen teeth are present...and the skull is also very solid. It is very large and appears to be male. T is no paint flaking whatsoever, and it seems to be in superb shape. I can find no sign of any kind of signature or anything. I've gotta tell you...I had this thing on a shelf for a while, and it absolutely freaked everybody out. I don't have any history on this piece...I acquired it as part of a large bulk estate purchase (as well as many other bizarre items and artifacts - I've barely even begun to go through it all).

It really is sobering to hold this skull in your hand and realize this once was a living breathing human being...full of life, dreams, fears, sorrows and joys. I frequently receive collectable skulls, and I could spend hours wondering about the lives of these people. Absolutely fascinating. Please treat it with due respect. Feel
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