hello, you are bidding on a very nice new York self winding clock in working condition. is your chance to own a very nice large clock the clock is 42 inches long by 16 1/2 inches wide and is very heavy the clock was used for advertising in the early days it has 4 clips by the glass to hold the advertising and it keeps excellent time it runs on 6 volts i used 4 d cells this is my 14 self winding clock that i sold on e-bay and i think every body got a good deal.i love these clocks i started back in 1982 collecting these clocks and i got 2 left which are to heavy to ship.this one that you are bidding keeps excellent time . all parts are original and it was at a local watch shop that i found this one .the movement has been clean and oil by me ...the owner just wanted this clock out of his shop to make room for more modern clocks .the case is solid wood i do not know what kind of wood this is but is dark .the wood case needs some minor work a little sanding and cleaning and it has some scratches and nicks the dial has some wear but not major ..question e-mail me since this is vintage the item is sold as is thank you and bid with confidence