REAL piece of Flown SPACE SHUTTLE part NASA relic

This is a set price listing not an auction so if you place a bid you win, no waiting!
Makes a truly unique and thoughtful gift!
100% Legal to own with proof on file; see âeoeLegal Status Noteâe below for details.
You are bidding on an genuine piece of flown material from the space shuttle with accompanying documentation of decommissioning. This is an actual part that was used on the shuttle itself, not just something unrelated that was carried onboard simply to say it was flown. The shuttle is scheduled to be removed from service in 2010 so these genuine artifacts are very hard to come by and soon will be almost impossible to buy, especially anyw near the price I am offering. Own a piece of American history that will truly become a family heirloom. I have several types of shuttle materials so please check my store for all available options. Generally these materials include fabrics, insulation, and protective foil from the shuttle itself. Sorry, I do not have any Apollo, Mercury or similar vintage pieces at this time.
This auction is for a piece of Insulating Foam material , see my store for other Shuttle items!
Artifact size is approximately 1-inch x 1-inch, MUCH larger than similar space artifact samples found on collector sites. Inexpensive way to begin or add to your space memorabilia collection. Comes
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