Real TRAFFIC LIGHT Stop Signal 110v 12 inch Glass Lens

What a great gift for the car guy. Can you think of anything cooler than owning your own traffic signal? Place it on the front of your garage, put it by your special car, or mount it in your rec room, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. However, actually using it to stop traffic in front of your house may be frowned upon.

This is a real full size working Traffic Light which until recently directed traffic on a US highway. The signal uses the large (nearly 12 inch diameter) lens. These show up significantly more than older smaller 8 inch lens. The light uses standard 110 volt current. For the photos and testing I made a temporary electrical connection. It is very easy to hook up. The signal contains four wires. Each light has its own hot wire and all the bulbs share a common ground. While easy to hook up , for liability reasons the buyer will have to install their own plug in, or connection of choice. You can connect them as I did so all the bulbs light up at once, or buy a sequencer to have individual bulbs light up as you wish. The signal currently has special bulbs, however if they need to be replaced, any household bulb will screw in the socket. Should you want brighter or dimmer light, simply change the bulbs.

The lens are made of GLASS the yellow body is made of metal which I believe is aluminum,

The lens are made of glass and have a diameter of close to 12 inches. With the black metal trim it is 51 inches tall, 16 inches deep, and 23 inches wide. Without the metal black trim, the light is 40 inches tall, and 15 inches wide. T are a few scrapes on the light on the yellow. I am not sure if you can see them from the photos. The light does work.

The stop light can be a cool extra for your garage. You could even hook up the stop light to use as a Christmas decoration. You can use it for almost anything. I was going to hook my light up in front of my garage and have it go on and off whenever I opened the garage door, but I never got around to it.

Shipping to a business address in the continental U.S. will be $25.00. I will ship them to any residential address in the U.S. for $30.00. Should you want this sent outside of the continental US, I charge only actual shipping costs. I accept Paypal or a money order. I will ship with Fed Ex Ground. Because of our distance from a FedEx location, it may take us 2-3 days to ship once payment arrives. I will notify you with the tracking number when I ship it. Check my feedback and bid with confidence.

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