Real VNWar 48th Assault Helicopter Co,Beercan DI,JOKERS

48th AHC, GUNS Beercan DI made in country and during the war. Nearly 1 1/4" high.... VN War period piece. Great details. A lot of great historical information is available for the 48th AHC / Viet Nam on the internet. Historical unit involved with numerous combat units and operations.

Consider collecting the DIs now as they are only 1/4 the price of their patch-like companion. This is patch of a massive WW2 Airborne DI collection. Collection also included several spin-off, specialized areas of VN beercan DIs including Aviation, SOG, SF, helicopter,and a few others.

Please note: This auction is for 1 beercan DI only, (the single pictured piece.) Others are shown for size comparison only and are avail in separate ebay auctions. Thank you.

Full money back guarantee.

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