Real Working Traffic Light 8" Lens, Vintage, 30" Tall

Perfect for a rec room, bar, den, favorite hangout. This is a real stop light, retired from use. The body is aluminum, and easy to maintain. Each individual lens cover-plate is held tight by a wing nut, loosen the nut, swing open the door, and change the bulb. Uses standard 120V household bulbs (not included - too fragile to ship). Choose your own wattage depending on your application. I find that the red light needs to be brighter, because that lens is tinted darkest.
The body measures 10" wide (plus the width of hinges & wing nut bracket), 30 1/2" high, and 14" deep with sun shields. The shields are easily removed (four screws) to make a lower profile light of less than 7".
This light is fully wired with a traffic light control that allows for speed adjustment. You can also set flashing yellow, flashing red, or alternating red/yellow flashing via the DIP switches on the control board (within the unit).
The traffic light is traditional yellow, and I can only assume this is the orignal paint. I have made no effort to refinish it, as I like the lightly worn look. T are small dings, scratches, and small areas w the paint has been knocked off the shields. Again, this gives it a realistic appearance. If you prefer the 'brand new' look, a fresh coat of paint should do the trick. (But I say that would be a shame).
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