*Real Working traffic Light* Red Yellow Green Vintage

This is a real working traffic light! Perfect for any racing fan, or game room!
The traffic light is made out of commercial grade plastic. The traffic light cycles from red, yellow and green randomly. The traffic light measures 2.5 feet tall and about 1 foot wide. The depth of the traffic light is 6 inches. The traffic light does have the black hood over every light/lens. the hoods come out from the light about 4.5 inches. The traffic light is vintage (over 30 years old). The hoods are added for the "real life" effect and depiction. All you need to do is plug in the traffic light, give it a few moments and light will start randomly cycling through the lights! (went the light is plugged in all lights will be on) PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON AS A GIFT FOR OTHERS OR YOURSELF!
Please note I did not make these traffic lights. These traffic lights are vintage. They were made in the early 70's. My grandfather had a business and used the traffic lights to measure noise and sold to schools all over the Alabama area. After he sold the business he built novelty traffic lights for the family. After he passed away last year I decided instead of throwing the lights away to clean, test and sell them to other people across the world using ebay. These are great novelty pieces and hard to find without paying hundreds of dollars.
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