Nice Realistic Minimus 7 black metal speaker w bracket

A single classic vintage black cast aluminum metal case Realistic Minimus-7, Minimus 7, speaker. I don't need to go into all the description as I am sure you all know that anyway. It comes with a wall bracket attached, so you could use as is or remove the bracket if you didn't want to use it. I don't have patience to wait to find a mate so will just offer it as one since I am sure there are some who need one to complete a pair or want a spare, or if you have a pair or 4 already, would finish out a 3.1 or 5.1 system as a center channel. In very good cosmetic condition and perfect operating condition. Connected it to one channel of a stereo set up and sounds perfect. Has just a few very minor paint rubs or loss but could easily be touched up with black marker and never seen. The side in the third photo is probably the one with most scuffs and it is not bad at all. The foil label on back is kind of curled up and torn a bit at edges. I didn't remove the metal grill as they can be kind of hard to get off sometimes and I didn't want to pry with anything that would scratch. The cloth dome tweeter looks perfect through the grill and so does the rubber surround woofer.

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