Realistic Radio Shack 14-925 8-Track Recorder/Player

Realistic Radio Shack model 14-925 8-Track Cartridge Tape Player/Recorder with 12 Tapes and Carrier.

This is a must-have for a vintage car owner with an 8 track tape player or if you have an 8 track tape collection that you want to copy to CD or cassette. This is also a recorder, so you can also make your own 8-tracks for your vintage car. This deck comes with an over-the-hump tape carrier that folds in so you can use as a portable carrier for your tapes.

Included with the carrier are twelve vintage tapes of popular 60s-70s artists (below). One of the tapes needs splicing--sorry, I don’t remember which one. Tapes are included by these artists (see pictures for details):

- Doctor Hook

- The Doobie Brothers

- George Harrison

- The Eagles

- Grand Funk Railroad

- Crosby , Stills, Nash and Young

- Rod Stewart

- Neil Diamond (two tapes)

- Elton John

- The Carpenters

- Paper Lace

The tape deck is in good cosmetic condition and playback quality is excellent. The rubber drive and counter belts have been replaced. The tape heads and other components have no visible wear, so this unit should perform reliably. I do not have a blank tape to test the record function quality, but tapes are available from other eBay vendors. The tapes and
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