Realistic SAF-24D Stereo Tube amplifier

Up for auction is a good condition integrated stereo tube amplifier. Missing top vover, has bottom cover, and no
dents, dings, etc. A bit dusty but no tarnish or rust. uses (4) 6BM8 and (3) 12ax7s. Powered up using a variac
with a borrowed rectifer tube (6CA4) and the caps stayed cool. couldn't test the unit because I have no 6BM8
tubes and there's no preamp out to test the preamp stages. So this unit is sold with out tubes and AS-IS.

No time to fix and use so it's being sold with my other units. all are easy to fix. This one should be a matter
of adding 8 tubes. Note that there's very little information on this unit, so you'll need to buy a schematic.

Other notes: While there is a set of phono inputs for mag I don't think the circuit supports this - not enough
triode gain stages to support both line and low-level phono. You'll need a phono preamp if you use a turntable.

Also, please be careful if you poke around the guts, the voltages are lethal if you make a mistake.

If I had the time, I'd rewire this for 6BQ5s - the final stage output impedance is about the same,
the challenge is to re-engineer the 6BM8's internal triodes with external circuitry. You could do this
with a SS op amp and go to twon.

Reserve is 100 due to its good condition.

This weighs
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