Really Nice Looking Leather Large 19 3/4" Pro Style Razor Strop With Hook Hanger

Ver y Sharp Looking Leather Straight Razor Str op
This Is a Full 19 3/4" Long
Suede Side & Smooth Side With Eyelet
Description. This is a very nice 2 sided (suede & smooth), 2 toned large 19 3/4" leather strop for straight razors. I've got one hanging on my wall in my game room by my hand gun and knife collection area because I like it's cool unusual look. People are always noticing it and asking if it is what they think it is. Besides being functional this strop is a very nice conversation piece too. Unless you are in a professional barbers shop you're not are not going to see one of these that often. I also like it because I own several new & vintage straight razors so I can use this strop to sharpen my blades with whenever I want to. And if you are actually a barber this would look cool hanging in your shop near your favorite chair just for the statement it makes, even if you never use it. By the way the brand name is Right Edge which is etched into the strop in 2 places as per the pictures which show both sides of the one strop. The dark side of the strop in the picture is actually a little darker than what I see in front of me when I look at it in person. The two sides are lighter & darker but not quite as dark as shown in the picture. It is still a very beautiful piece that you'd absolutely
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