Really nice Saito 1.80 Silver four stroke rc airplane engine. The engine has had light use and has great compression with smooth bearings.

180 AAC with Muffler: OO
Key Features Turns a 16x8 prop at 9,600 rpm on 15% fuel Will fit into most 1.20 - 1.50 size airplanes AAC construction for lighter weight and increased longevity Overview

Saito's FA-180 engine is fast becoming the pilots choice for powering 1.20 size airplanes. The FA-180 offers a 20% displacement increase over the popular Saito FA-150. What does this mean? How about a 8% power increase over the FA-150 and an awesome 14% power increase over the FA-120. And what’s more the FA-180 fits in the 1.20 size mount. So if your old 1.20 just doesn’t have what it takes, replacing it with the Saito FA-180 is no problem. Simply put the FA-180 is the most powerful in its class.
”With the 180 we could hover the 13-3/8 pound Stick at just under half throttle then, punching to full, the Stick would blast off like a rocket and accelerate to approximately 50 mph straight up in just a few short seconds! We could do multiple vertical snaps with the Cap, then pull out on the vertical up-line and accelerate straight up.”
J. Adams
Horizon R&D Department
Saito’s 1.8 cu. in. four-stroke, the FA-180, is based on their popular and powerful FA-150. The new FA-1

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