Reaper D&D Pathfinder 28mm Painted Fantasy BONES Dwarf on Polar Bear

This auction is for a painted Dwarf. She was done for an online contest and if given the chance again I would rather not paint her. The colors I chose that were based on a suggestion from my Fiancee and I think it turned out well.

Bid High and enjoy.

When you purchase my minis, know that unless otherwise stated I PAINT MY OWN FIGURES. They are obviously yours to do with as you wish, however should you resell them, please give me the credit or do the decency to take better pictures of them, then I have with my tired crappy camera. I have noticed another seller putting up my own items with horrendous pictures, and claiming them as his own.
Enjoy and bid high.
Based and Sealed for safe play
Painted with Reaper, GW, P3, Vellejo, and other paints (I use a Hodge podge of stuff)
Terms and Conditions:
Due to the cost in shipping and issues with overseas buyers I no longer ship out of the US (unless we have done business in the past)
I combine all items I ship. Please inquire.
I ship most items in hard side card boxes and wrapped in bubble wrap/tissue paper/ peanuts. This works for most models, however small fragile parts might break off in transit. I cannot be held responsible for that. Most of these breaks can be easily fixed. In a few instances I might remove a part to prevent breakage.
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