Reborn Baby

Summer Marie was reborn on the first day of summer-June 1st 2011 at 2 pounds and 15 inches. She was created by me, Sharon Williams from the Bountiful Baby kit. She was painted with Fenesis Heat Set paints and was filled with Poly Pellets. Inseted in her body there is a baby powder wafer which makes her smell like a real baby. Summer comes with a pink and white headband, a magnetic pacifire, a magnetic barret ,a pink stuffed bear, recieving blanket, hostpital ID braclet, 1 sleeper her pamper, and her baby powder wafer. In her head there is a magnet for magnetic barrets and also one in her mouth for magnetic pacifires. Summers nose is opened and backed with black felt, and her eyes are Newborn Midnight. Also, her head is weighted. She has white milk spots on her nose and cheeks, and her nails are tipped. She has light-brown, hand-rooted Alpaca hair. Summer was reborn in a smoke free enviroment and was reborn with lots of love. I hope you have as much fun with her as I did making her!