Reborn Baby Boy ~Nod~ *anatomically correct* by Donna RuBert

This is reborn baby, Nod, by Donna RuBert.

Nod's arms, torso, and legs are made from Extra Soft Bountiful Baby BabySkin(tm) Vinyl, in a Newborn Peach color. Nod is anatomically correct, has a full vinyl male torso, full length vinyl arms, full length vinyl legs, and is about 16 inches long. He wears newborn sized clothes. I have added a bit of weight to his head for a more life-like feel.

Nod has sparse, soft, blonde, hand micro-rooted mohair that can be dampened and gently styled, he also has hand rooted eyelashes.

He has been painted in layers with Genesis Heat Set Paints to give him realistic looking skin, and he has subtle veining, blushing, and mottling to give him a newborn baby appearance. Nod also has little "spit" bubbles in the corners of his mouth! :^)

Nod will come to you with a Onesie, a cap, socks, baby bottle, baby toy, and the receiving blanket as pictured.

If you have any questions or would like additional photos, please ask!

Thank you and have a Blessed Week!