Reborn Baby doll: Reva Schick Ariella

Hello! Just purchased this lovely reborn baby doll for my cousin a few days ago and I just received it from the mail this morning, but unfortunately, she already have an Ariella, so I have to sell this one back and get her another doll.
The reborn artist of this doll is Sarah Prowant.
The doll's name is Michelle. She has very realistic skintones, 3/4 arms and full legs. She has a magnet inside her head for the magnetic pacifier. She has thickly rerooted dark brown angora mohair, rooted eyelashes, and a soft doe-suede body. She weights 7.5lbs and is 22inches long.
***Thanks to a certain ebay member's help who had 2 Ariella reborns, the dents on the legs are suppose to be there, so it's not a flaw :)***EDITED ON 4/24
One flaw I found is she has some kind of dent on the sides of both her legs. I'm not sure if that's suppose to be that way or but it was like that in the first auction too...
Here are the closed up detailed pics of the doll:
Photos*All taken by natural daylight, no editing or alterations*
Dent on Legs
The first listing of this doll is item number : 300547772286 You can read a more detailed description of the doll there :)
She'll be leaving with her Pink Petit Ami dress/bonnet, diaper, magnetic pacifier, a handmade knitted diaper
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