reborn baby dolls Bridget

Bridget was complete on 02/03/11 at 9:00pm

He wasweight in at 6lb .5 oz He is 22 incheslong

Bridgetstarted out as a soft vinyl with ¾ limbs and head unpainted.

I first gavehim a bubble bath to remove all the oil from the vinyl.

Hisbeautiful skin tones were achieved by using many layers genesis heat set paint.

Each layerof paint has been heat set for a true to life coloring.

Bridget hasa custom made body filled with soft fiberfill and very soft fatty pellet, Pollypellets, along with some steel pellets for add weight; they are all placed in asocking for support.

Bridget hairis micro rooted with blonde premium mohair. Feel and look like real hair

(Must use ababy soft bush on the hair)

Bridgetnails have been carefully manicured for a just clipped appearance.

Hiseyelashes are Glue on

Bridget willcome home with.

A Blanket, Apacifier, 2 onuses, 1 outfit, PJs, birth certificate

If you needthe magnetic remove from the head, just let me know and I can remove them.

Pleaseif you have 10 feedbacks, please email me first, or your bid will be canceled.

Youare to pay with in 2 day if you are the winner of the bid /(Buy now you pay now) or do Not

Pleasedid not bid or buy now if you are not going to pay. It
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