Reborn baby Genesis heat set paint 6g Ultramarine Blue

Special Care Nursery

Via Gill's Crafts

Are pleased to offer for sale a

Jar of Ultramarine Blue Genesis Heat set paint.

For painting reborn babies

These paints are perfect for painting on vinyl and once heat set will not rub off or fade.

They are perfect when mixed with odourless thinners for painting 'wash like' layers to build up translucent skin tones. Odourless thinners are available in my other listings but can only be posted within the UK .

This jar will last a long time as a little goes a long way. I still haven't used up some of my original 5/6ml jars after reborning many babies!

This colour can be safely mixed with other shades of Genesis heat set paints or Genesis mediums but cannot be mixed with other types of paint.

General colours are graded with the numbers 01 to 08. (01 is the strongest, purest pigment with 08 being the most dilute, paler colours). 01 shades are most expensive with 08 being the least expensive. It can be economical to buy the purest shades and mix your own variations with white.

If you have any questions please do contact me and I will be happy to help !

Postage for second and subsequent jars is free if paid for on one invoice.
Please request combined invoice.

Maximum postage cost per order of supplies is £10 -

International buyers please note that our postal prices have now become ridiculously high - I DO NOT make money on postal charges and would kindly ask you to bear this in mind when leaving the star ratings associated with feedback.

My reputation as a seller is very important to me and I genuinely appreciate your understanding on this matter.

The following is a pdf of the actual postal prices - I add a tiny amount for the packaging (usually less than it costs me)


Warmest Regards,


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