Reborn Baby Jarome Sculpt Gorgeous Bi-Racial Skintone!!

I am downsizing my reborn collection so I have put my sweet baby Carson up for adoption. He was reborn from the Jarome sculpt by Marissa May. He is about 20 inches long with 3/4 limbs on a jointed doe suede body. He has been filled with poly-fill and fine glass beads. He weighs around 5 pounds. He has been painted so realistically with many layers of Genesis heat set paints. His skin is beautifully mottled and has some texture to it. His veining is very good. He even has what looks like dry skin on some spots just like on a real newborn baby. He has an anatomically correct belly plate that is painted to match the rest of his body. His skin has a 3-D appearance with blue and red undertones. It's very lifelike. His nails have been tipped and sealed and his mouth has a moist look to it. He has very fine, sparse micro-rooted blonde mo-hair and rooted lashes to match. He also smells like a new baby because he has a scent wafer in his body. I got him for Easter so he hasn't been with me long and he is in very good condition. He has a magnet for his pacifier so take caution around electronics and pacemakers. He will come home with the 2 outfits he is pictured in, his name bracelet with Carson on it, and 2 magnetic pacifiers. I have taken pictures i n different lighting to try and show his details. Please ask any questions you may have before ... read more