Reborn baby Peyton by Serena Martin NR Extras Outstanding Quality Art Doll

Memorable Moments Nursery


Peyton by Serena Martin

Weight 5 lbs 5 oz

Length 19 in

Hair Strawberry Blonde

Eyes Green


Precious Peyton will steal your heart. She is so cute and fun to dress, pose, and cuddle. She has strawberry blond hair and eyelashes that is secured inside her head so her hair can be wet, brushed and styled any way you desire.

She has piercing green eyes that sparkle and melt your heart.

I have painted Peyton using Genesis heat set paints that will never fade, chip, rub off, or discolor.

She has true to life mottling and accurate veining all over and has blue undertones in the correct areas that skin would be thin. She has been sealed with a textured real skin effect so she looks so real you have to touch her to know otherwise.

Her nails have been tipped in a natural realistic color and then sealed to protect them. She even has little half moons at the cuticle.

All of her creases have been shaded the correct amount to give her such a real appearance. I take my time in my work and all of her painting is neat and clean well blended so she does not have that "painted look". All creases are clean and blended and she has no brush strokes or sponge marks like many of the lower cost babies you
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