Reborn Ethnic Laura Tuzio Ross Owen

Name: Jaysa
Date of Birth: 10/28/2015
Weight: 5lb, 6oz
Length: 18 Inches
Jaysa was created from the Owen sculpt by the talented Laura Ross
Gorgeous Ethnic Skin tone
Jaysa was given a deeper caramel skin tone with beautiful midtones, shading and highlights.
She has strategically placed veining and mottled skin.
There are many thin layers that are built giving a realistic, newborn baby glow.
I develop my paint formula from Genesis Heat Set Paints.
I do not buy pre mixed paints.
Realistic Ethnic Skin
3D hand painted eye brows and, hairline
Micro rooted eyelashes
Micro rooted hair using premium angora kid mohair in deep black brown
Her nose is opened and backed with felting
Her fully jointed doe skin body has been filled with polyfil and, glass beads
Her body and head have been weighted to feel like a real baby.
Every tiny crease and wrinkle has been shaded and highlighted for realism
Only the finest materials were used to create Jaysa
All photos are taken in natural light if possible.
I have noted on the photos if they were taken indoor or in natural light.
No digital enhancements were used other than framing photo.
I do not use magnets of any kind in my reborning
Jaysa will arrive in her brand new high
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