REBORN LOT! Reborn kits AND MORE! =) 230$+ Value!

(Over 230 dollar value!)
3 Reborn doll kits
Lane by Sandra White
Crystal by Denise Pratt
Heather by Donna Rubert
1 belly plate (Teddi by Marita winters)
1 hospital blanket
An assortment of baby pacifiers (A majority have the nipple cut off and are ready for magnets)
3 reborn body slips
Baby girl sunglasses
2 pairs of newborn baby girl shoes
An open pack of Newborn diapers containing about 23 diapers.
An open pack of preemie diapers containing about 19 diapers.
and 5 micro preemie diapers.
Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have. =)