reborn practice pieces limbs heads job lot 3 kits free curly mohair

I have for sale a job lot of three FULL kits & 1 other spare head only eyes fitted she is ((sweet pea)) plus free curly mohair brown 1 large doe tan body (no ties) Practice or possible re born after stripping all in need of lots TLC repair stripping rooting etc some of the eye sockets will need repair all have had rooting done signs very evident although have tried to remove lots of hairs i cannot do anymore with these kits as stripping them makes me quite ill due to the use of acetone free remover and on one kit i bought nitro mors to no avail perhaps didnt keep it on long enough ( i cant send this included sorry as its flamable) so just stated products i have tried there is a limited edition totally sad now but!!! she a limited edition AIMEE ROSE)Approx 20/22 ins doll bent legged big full leg baby i think ethic tones could/may/ rectify this not a guarantee... but someone with better skills and time just might make this one alive comes with C.O.A.i was gutted over these boo boos i made if id left her eye brows alone she would have been ok.... one is a Riley kit Full .. arms and legs approx 20ins doll (have tried to re do but the fumes made me ill i suffer chronic asthma i cant tolerate the fumes on glues either so possible strong glue advised ) eye sockets not well cut as was very new didnt know can tell one is fairly ... read more