Record Woodworkers Bench Vise Model 52ED NEW

The item listed is a Record Woodworking 7" bench vise, model 52ED. This vise is new in the box which was opened many years ago when I purchased the vise, but it was never actually removed. In fact, it was taped back up and stored away to be used for a woodworking bench project which never happened. Can you relate? However, the box is a bit worse for wear from many years of storage. The vise may have a few small spots of very light surface rust, but otherwise it is in pristine condition as you can see from the pictures. Most of the dark spots on the vise are congealed rust preventative oil from the factory.

The vise has a quick release mechanism and a bench dog. The jaws are 7" wide and open to 8". This is one well made, heavy duty tool the likes of which you don't see much anymore. It comes with the owners manual which goes into great detail about the various ways of mounting it to the bench. This vise would make a great addition to any shop where quality tools are appreciated. It is made in England.

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