Recruiting flyer Colonel Hay's or the Aberdeenshire regiment 1794-95 (Scotland)

Interesting piece of Scottish ephemera.

A flyer or poster for Colonel Hay's regiment or the 109th (Aberdeenshire) regiment. The printing is a good deal blacker than the photo suggests. It is contained in a frame which isn't really doing it justice- the previous owner did this, probably circa 1980. The document is original and contemporary with the regiment .

"The 109th (Aberdeenshire) Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment of the British Army from 1794 to 1795.

Colonel Alexander Hay of Rannes, a former officer of the 104th Regiment of Foot persuaded the King William IV to grant him permission to raise his own regiment in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He used an ingenious method of recruiting men by paying each volunteer a bounty of Five Pounds then further authorising a raffle amongst every twenty recruits whereby the winner would receive 100 pounds and permission to buy his discharge for twenty pounds, thus providing the winner with an eighty pound profit plus the original 5 pound bounty. By 4 September 1794 the 109th Regiment comprised twenty-three officers plus seven hundred and eighteen enlisted NCOs and men. Posterity does not record how many men took advantage of the twenty pound discharge fee.

The Regiment, having formed marched to Dundee at the end of September thence via Burntisland, Fife
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