Red 3/4 Size (Scale) Childrens Childs Electric Guitar


Dispatch Times | Returns Policy | FAQ | Contact Us Red 3/4 Size (Scale) Childrens Childs Electric Guitar A children's electric guitar to beat all kids electric guitarsÉ.to make your 'little un' the coolest rocker in town!

With its great build quality, great looks and great sound, your son/daughter is guaranteed to be the coolest wee guitarist around once they get one of these red 3/4 size childrens electric guitars in their hands!

Its the perfect little childs electric guitar, for kids aged 9-12 years old - or even for an adult if you're looking to raise a laugh at your local boozer! Here, you're getting a very well constructed red 3/4 size childrens electric guitar
- solid wood body, and nearly all the same hardware that you'd find on a full size adults electric guitar. This is by no means a toy, and shouldn't be mistaken for one of the other numerous cheap and nasty kids electric guitars often found online. Your little one is just guaranteed to look the business too, with a high quality gloss finish! It's probably one of the easiest childrens electric guitars you can find for them to start learning on, with a narrower neck than most electric kids guitars aimed at this age range, which will help them progress on the electric guitar faster than if using a different cheaper kids electric guitar. And finally,
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