X-loop sunglasses for kids

UVA& UVB protection

Model:KD10 (See picture)

Frame colour: Red

Lens Colour: Gray smoke

Includes: One Microfiber bag for cleaning & storage

These sunglasses are extremely comfortable and perfect for kids ages 2 to 5

These are also an excellent gift idea!

Polycarbonate Lenses
By Liz DeFranco, A.B.O.C., N.C.L.C.

Polycarbonate lenses are not only thinner and lighter in weight than traditional plastic eyeglass lenses, they also offer ultraviolet (UV) protection and scratch resistance. In addition, they are very impact resistant. This extra toughness makes them the lenses of choice for children's glasses, sports eyewear and safety glasses.

Because less of the polycarbonate lens material is needed to provide the same amount of visual correction that a traditional plastic lens offers, polycarbonate lenses are
thinner and lighter in weight. In fact, polycarbonate lenses are sometimes referred to as featherweight lenses.

Newly developed plastic lenses, known as Trivex, are even more lightweight than traditional polycarbonate lenses. Trivex lenses also are extra tough and resist cracking. These qualities make the lenses ideal for use with rimless styles, because they can be easily drilled for assembly
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