The Red Bearon UNSCRATCHED loot card multilanguages!

What we have here is a World of Warcraft TCG/CCG ultra-rare loot card for THE RED BEARON, Winnie Rouge-Sang in French, Der rote Barön in German, Il Barone Orso in Italian and El Baron Rosso in Spanish.
This card is available in FRENCH, SPANISH, and GERMAN - take your pick, the codes work exactly the same no matter what country you are in, no matter what server you are on. Pick one up in a foreign language and save a few bucks! If you do NOT designate a language in your reply (or if your language has already been sold out, or if you really don't care), we will send you one at random. Seriously, it really doesn't matter, the codes work just the same - unless you're buying these to add to your language-specific WoW TCG CCG deck, and that's improbable.
The code is unscratched and ready to use.
Please note: You are bidding on the card, NOT the code on the code. The card will be shipped to you. The code will not, under any circumstances, be emailed or sent to you via any other means. You are bidding on THE RED BEARON Loot Card itself.
The card is guaranteed unscratched. The code on the card is the buyer's responsibility, and by purchasing this card you accept full responsibility for scratching and redeeming the card on your own. Again, by winning and paying for this auction, you are purchasing the unscratched (and therefore
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