2 Red and Black Obsidian Blades Black Powder Shoot NR

Obsidian Arts Inc.presents artist "Tony Stanfield" The knife or stone blade you are viewing was hand knapped by internationally collected flint knapper Tony Stanfield. Tony is Founder, Owner, Webmaster, and Sole Employee of Obsidian Arts Inc., a company that thrives on customer satisfaction and is dedicated to bringing high quality hand knapped obsidian knives and blades to a world wide customer base at very reasonable prices. Knapping since 1996, Tony is known for taking a curve from a uniquely shaped antler and painstakingly making a blade that matches. The never ending assortment of obsidian colors and antler make for some very nice and very unique knives. His knives sometimes look alive and are collected world wide. His work can be found at many galleries and gift shops, both in the states and internationally and his blades have been used by some of the premiere Antler carvers including Robert Roberts and Greg Michl. He usually has over 100 knives, blades and points in all price ranges on Ebay and in his Ebay store. All are priced to sell and would bring double or more in an art gallery or gift shop. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED IN MY WORK~100% PRODUCT SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!! MY BLADES ARE THIN, AND AS SHARP AS ANY OBSIDIAN BLADE OUT THERE. SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM, I WILL MAKE IT RIGHT. DESCRIPTION This offering ... read more