RED COON Chewing Tobacco -- SUN CURED -- Real Nice SIGN

Sun Cured - RED COON - Chewing Tobacco " - Metal Sign. Made of Tin or Steel ...Not Aluminum. Measures - 10" Wide X 14" Tall. Condition - Unused and Still Real Good - the Paint is Still Bright and Colorful - "Still Has The Original Shine" - I guess....if you Look Real could find a "Nick or Scuff" ...Nothing Really Serious. Not Dated - but the Seller that I am listing this for....says that she thinks it looks like it is about 4-5 Years Old ....but admits she does not know the Exact Date ??? ...because there are - No....Sign Company Names - No....Maker's Markings - No...Fine Print - No ....Codes - No ...Nothing - Anywhere ...not on the Front or not on the Back of this Sign. I am attaching 12 Big & Clear Pictures so all of the Details can be seen and you can decide. It pictures a Good Looking Racoon. You use to see these Tobacco Signs - at a Country Store or Gas Station - those days are Gone Forever. GREAT LOOKING - GREAT CONDITION - COUNTRY GROCERY STORE - GAS / GASOLINE PUMP & OIL CAN FILLING / SERVICE STATION - CHEW / CHEWING / SMOKE / SMOKING - SCRAP - BOX - PACK - PACKAGE - POUCH - BAG - SACK OF TOBACCO - BARN SIGN. Buyer pays $6.99 for Shipping to any U.S.A. Address. (International Shipping - Ask For A Quote). ***NO*RESERVE****NO*RESERVE***NO*RESERVE***NO*RESERVE***NO*RESERVE****