Red Cross Roll Call 1931 WWI Memorial Washington DC - Actress Maude Adams

Original Nov 21, 1931 Mid-Week Pictorial, NY Times. Second front page picture of Gov Al Smith receivin the first membership button of Red Cross Roll call. Front page picture of President Hoover at dedication of WWI Memorial at Washington. Full page pictures of actress Maude Adams in her many roles. Mostly pictures, few words on current events & personalities, sports, movies, theater, fashion, etc. ~11in x 16in. 24 pages. In protective sleeve. SHIPPING COST, S&H $7.00 US in the USA/ $14.00 to Canada, foreign shipment $16.00US. Sorry if pictures are blurry, the actual item is detailed and sharp. If you are interested in old books, newspapers, documents and paper memorabilia, please check out others it. For foreign buyers, we always copy the stamped custom form so we can prove shipping. We do combine, when possible, like items, to save on shipping. (Prcrossmem).(8-23-13)