Red Double-Decker Bus Twinings Tea Transport

This big red omnibus is a wooden collectible from TWININGS Tea, it is 15-1/2" long, almost 9" high and 5-3/4" wide. Coke can is in the picture to illustrate a size comparison for you. It's all wood (even the wheels) and vibrantly painted red with gold trim. Various flavors of teas are 'advertised' all along the top portion of the bus under the windows on both sides. The bus driver has a little wheel inside on the right side. Weighs 3 lbs 2 oz. If you'd like more photos, just ask.

One of it's little wheels fell off but a clever collector could solve that problem easily, just needs a wood dowl or something like that, the wheel is still It opens on top to store your favorite tea bags, whatever. Very cute!