RED EYE Death Is No Escape Sequoyah Guess Cherokee Book

RARE and HARD-To-Find Book! RED EYE Death Is No Escape Inspired by a True Incident written by Sequoyah Guess Traditional Keetoowah Storyteller. (books in this author's series are very difficult to locate and are selling currently on Amazon and Alibris starting at $74, when available.) Sequoyah Guess writes a series of books featuring the Complete People. They are published by KHOLVN BOOKS, A Division of Seven Clans Entertainment, Entertainment for and by the Complete People published in Kansas, Oklahoma . I believe this book ia a first edition printed in 2004. The author is a full blood Keetoowah and has served as Repatriation Officer for the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma . He is also a filmmaker, Keetoowah language teacher, traveler, as well as traditional storyteller. His position as family storyteller was handed to him by his great aunt, Maggie Turtle. Book of 251 pages is a paperback in near perfect condition with just a few tiny scuffs on the cover. RED EYE is "A Tale of Undying Horror" in the tradition of Camilla, Nosferatu, Dracula and Salem 's Lot . RED EYE "is w Transylvania meets Tahlequah in this horrific novel of the undead." When the body of a mysterious woman turns up missing, three cultural specialists are put to the test when the origin of the undead leads back to a people thought to be

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