Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Smashed Hits Uk Cd

it is a cd.... made in the Uk with a picture sleeve.1. Beating My Head 2. Take It All Away 3. He's Reade 4. Push 5. Hollow Eyes 6. Monkeys On Juice 7. Feel A Piece 8. Generation 9. Spinning Round 10. Hold Yourself Down 11. Cut Down 12. Chance 13. Paint Your Wagon 14. More Jipp ..Out of Leeds, this group has changed its name back and forth from the Lorries several times. Led by vocalist/guitarist Chris Reed, they have been strongly likened to Joy Division, with the same droning organ, atmospheric guitar, and angst-ridden, gloomy, depressing lyrics, but Red Lorry Yellow Lorry have gradually brought in enough of their own personality (intelligence and more of an acid-rock influence) to their music to keep themselves from being just a Joy Division clone. Their later material is more melodic, diverse, and clear than their early efforts, and shows more of a sense of humor..