Rare RED PAPERBACK Photo-Drama of Creation book Watchtower Jehovah

Here is an original RARE Beautiful Red Paperback Photo-Drama of Creation . This is the very rare paperback edition of the Photo-Drama of Creation produced by Watchtower in 1914. The Photodrama of Creation was produced in a variety of styles including:

Normal Hardcover Complete edition with red edging (Relatively easy to find)

Deluxe Hardcover Complete Edition with gold edging (Harder to find)

Wing Globe Hardcover Complete Edition (Extremely hard to find)

Red Cover Paperback Complete Edition (Extremely hard to find) (This is what you are bidding on)

White Cover Paperback Complete Edition (Extremely hard to find)

Paperback Part 1, 2 and 3 (Extremely hard to find)

Hardcover Part 1, 2 and 3 (Extremely hard to find)

Here is a little of what has been written about the Photodrama of Creation:

2001 Watchtower 1/15 pp. 8-9 "A Masterpiece of a Project"

A New Way to Declare the Good News

It is January of the year 1914. Imagine that you are seated among 5,000 others in a darkened auditorium in New York City. Before you is a large motion-picture screen. A white-haired man in a frock coat appears on screen. You have seen silent movies, but this man speaks, and you can hear his words. You are at the premiere of something technically innovative, and the message is unique.
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