For The Straight Razor Collector and or the Restorer, I have for you consideration a very sweet item! I have for you a Red-Point 917 Straight Razor in really fine condition. I has yellow bakelite scales with silver or nickel silver fancy end caps. Also the Inlay around the "Red-Point" is possibly gold, I am not sure because I don't have the means to test it, but if its brass is sure is tarnish free for not being rubbed, I took this razor out from it's box after having it for so long you'd think it would be a little dindgy. It hasn't changed colors since I aquired it years ago. The blade has some light stain near the razors edge on both sides in one area. Except to the spine the rest of the blade surface is relatively free of stain. Stamped on the Tang it reads '917 Red-Point Made In Germany' on one side and 'Anton Wingen Jr. Solingen Germany' on the other side. I know it is the original box, and the reason I have Utica Knife in my opening description is because the labeling on the razor box reads ,,Red - Point" Razor The Utica Knife & Razor Company, Utica, NY., and after closer observation you can make out 'Anton Wingen Jr.' embossed UNDER the label on the long end and the what looks like QLLialo along with some other illegible embossing on the end cap. I figured either Utica Knife Works bought out Antons Wingen Jr's razor supply ... read more